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YMZ company of one of Iraq's major companies in the field of sale Ball bearings in Iraq, was founded in 1946 .. As firm focusing on the needs of the region of all kinds Ball bearings has also YMZ strengthening its presence and efficiency in all parts of Iraq and today reached YMZ to its customers thanks to bilateral knowledge and history over 67 sixty-seven years in the outstanding service.

From seeing our management and commitment of its staff strive for a brighter future of ever, offering products according to international standards that YMZ seeks to provide to its customers in all parts of Iraq unique solutions and a high level of quality and support.

the company enjoys the reputation and prestige between Iraqi companies and regional, as company deals in sales with the public and private sectors, and the company sells Ball bearings in different kinds addition to Chains ,units and housing of various sizes and measurements, which are used in agricultural machinery, industrial and petroleum products, cars, machinery and heavy machinery as well as dealing with Grease which is produced by various international companies of global credit, and our company deals with more than 3000 type Ball Bearings produced by various international companies and the most important company of it SKF and MPZ, Our company YMZ is listing as chief agent them in Iraq.